An Interogation of Stereotypical Language use in Gender Relations: Racism in Nigeria

London Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Funmi Adu , NA
Classification: FOR Code: 200399
Keywords: stereotypical language, gender relations, racism.
Language: English

This study proposes that culture based gender stereotype is a hindrance to women participation in Nigeria’s development. The paper examined the use of stereotyped language in the relations between genders in Nigeria. Nigeria is a patriarchal society, with culture embedded in practices that promote male dominance over the female. This culturally ingrained and historically grounded practice holds sway in gender relations, social practices and is revealed in inheritances and kingship transitions amongst others. Interestingly, words promote social acceptance and design societal values. As such, Nigerian tribes, it is noted, use peculiar languages to express the assumed weaknesses in the female gender, certain proverbs are expressed to further show the subjugation of women in inter social relations and these words and proverbs further promote gender denigration and discrimination. It is my argument in this paper that the adoption of such stereotypical words and connotations is a form of racism. Racial stereotype cuts across attitude, language and believe and it is culturally ingrained. The paper concludes that such usages are anti development and cannot promote fairness in gender relations in Nigeria. The paper suggests ways in which these usages could be stopped or reconfigured to promote equality and forge development through fair gender practices.


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