Application of Value Engineering Method in Order to Study the Reduction of Global Cost in a Corporate Condominium Located in S??o Paulo.


The tendency of the verticalization of buildings demonstrate the need to excerpt the most of urban land due to the high cost and the scarcity of land in this areas. Most corporate buildings are divided into autonomous units, which together constitute condominiums that benefit by sharing costs, such as security, cleaning, gardening, concierge and others. When companies are looking for offices in order to lease, the cost of the condominium can be a factor of selection in comparison with competitors of the region. Companies that invest in rental properties must efficiently manage the scope of services of their corporate buildings in order to retain and attract tenants. This dissertation aims to verify the application of Value Engineering method in reduction of costs in condominium. The method was the case study of a corporate condominium which was recently acquired by real estate investors and will have its scope of services refurbished to meet a global cost reduction. The application of the methodology in this condominium made possible significantly reduce in the cost of the condominium.


Condominium; Value engineering (EV); Cost reduction; Services.

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