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amal ghosh has liked amal ghosh's Profile 3 weeks ago

Sometimes unexpected situations happen in our lives that leave us in pleasure and delight... Such situations are unforgettable!!.

Rahmat Pannyiwi has liked Rahmat Pannyiwi's Profile 4 weeks ago

Someone who like to collaborate regarding FRAUD, AUDITING, and FORENSIC subject please contact me, I have several idea.

Ziyad Alomari has liked Ziyad Alomari's Profile 4 weeks ago

“Apophatic Mysticism as Paradigm of Learned Ignorance,”
KEYNOTE SPEECH for Conference “Paths Beyond Words: The Ways of Unsaying in Early Modernity”...
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William Franke Apophasis CREMS v02

Dr Oumar Mahamat Oumar
PhD in ecology, researcher
Biodiversity and sustainable development
Hydrological Research Center
Institute of Geological and...
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Academics is sweet

Shashi Kant Gupta has liked Shashi Kant Gupta's Profile 1 month ago

Human Rights, Religious Freedom, Minority, Social Justice and Comparative Constitution. 

is there any update?

Shahadat Hossain has liked Shahadat Hossain's Profile 2 months ago
Krishna Kumar has a new profile cover. 2 months ago
Krishna Kumar has a new profile cover. 2 months ago

Dear , I am Dr. Snehal Mistry, new member and currently focusing in internet marketing and international business


I am bruno and new member, my focus is contamination control engineering and optical instrumentation