London Journal
Engineering Research

London Journal of Engineering Research (LJER)
DOI: 10.17472/LJER

London Journal of Engineering Research LJER is focus on to publish high-quality journal articles of international interest from all areas of Engineering research.
The mission of this journal is to promote and publish original eminent research papers and articles in all disciplines of Engineering Sciences and Technology. It caters to the needs in the areas of Engineering and Technology and aims to cover the latest outstanding developments in the field of all Engineering Technologies & Science.

An international journal of scientific research for scientists and engineers involved in different areas of Engineering around the world.
Provides a platform for researchers and engineers to share their experience and solution to problems in different areas of Engineering.
Presents new research, and selected scientific journal articles/research papers.
Includes original research and innovative applications from all parts of the world.


LJER welcomes all the original research papers, conceptual articles, reviewed papers from tremendous fields of Engineering. The subjects covered by the journal include :

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