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Hausa Migrant Settlers and their Involvement in the Trade and Service Sectors of Ado-Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria

This study examined the role of Hausa migrant settlers in the trade and service sectors of the economy of Ado-Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria. It traced the migration of Hausa from northern Nigeria into Ekitiland in general and Ado-Ekiti in particular in the late 19 th Century. Data for the study were obtained from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources included archival materials obtained from the National Archives, Ibadan, oral interviews with Hausa migrant settlers and some Ado-Ekiti indigenes and residents, as well as group discussion method. These were complemented by secondary data sourced from journal articles, textbooks, newspapers and magazines and other relevant materials including theses, dissertations, and government gazettes. Information obtained was subjected to qualitative analysis. Findings showed that the Hausa community are fully integrated into Ado Ekiti society at large and have harmonious co-existence with their host community. It noted further that the Hausa are deeply involved in the informal economic sector of Ado-Ekiti, particularly in trade and services. The study concluded that Hausa migration into Ado-Ekiti has been mutually beneficial to both the host and migrant communities. While the Hausa community has been able to generate money for survival and capital for trade, as an escape root out of poverty; the Ado-Ekiti community has been able to access needed services and goods for good living. This trend of mutually-symbiotic relations should continue for the promotion of national integration in Nigeria.

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Johnson Olaosebikan AREMU
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