London Journal of Engineering Research

Volume: 20 | Issue: 2 | Compilation: 1

Research Papers in this Journal

Alternative to the Maxwell Equations
Etkin Valeriy Abramovich

Based on the law of conservation and transformation of energy in nonequilibrium multivariate systems maxwell-like equations of the processes of...

Design of Six-Stroke Internal Combustion Spark Ignition Engine
A.B Hassan

The rate at which energy is lost by human activities is enormous There is need to work on how to generate more energy and minimize the usage of the...

Strengths of India Related to E-Mobility
Dr S N Saxena

India is importing a large percentage of petroleum products and therefore in the interest of national energy security it is essential for India to...

Volume: 20 | Issue: 2 | Compilation: 1

DOI : 10.17472/LJER

Online ISSN : 2631-8482
Print ISSN : 3432324