Influence of Human Resource Development Practices on Organizational Change Management: The Linking Perspective to Modern Organizations


The term human resource development (HRD) refers to design and applications of formal system in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent for achieving goals of organization. The concept of (HRD) gained importance when it became clear, that strategic decisions are more related to human resource considerations and human resource development has impact on an organization ?s strategic capability. Change is probably the first and foremost management issue of today especially in the management of human resources. It represents growth, opportunity and innovation on one hand and skepticism and anxiety on the other. Organizational change is seen as a necessary concept for organizations to compete in the ever changing and competitive business environment. The rapid development of information and communication technology have prompted many organizations to actively seek for new ways, ideas and creative solutions in improving their current product, process, system and technology. The aim of this paper therefore was to study the relationship between human resource development and organizational change, challenges in instituting change and strategies that can make employees more adaptive and receptive to changes.


change human resource development organizational change. organizations

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