Intertextual Dialogue in the Postmodernist Novels of Britain (On the basis of Peter Ackroyd’s novels)


The peculiarities of intertextual dialogue in the postmodernist novel in Britain are investigated in the article. Literary-theoretical matters of intertextuality were clarified and commented on its reflection as a form of dialogue in literature. The intertextual dialogue’s functions were analyzed on the postmodernist novel as ‘The house of Doctor Dee’, ‘The Lambs of London’, ‘The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein’ by Peter Ackroyd, Brithish writer. The reminiscences, allusions, quoitations and aphorisms used in the novels in a fact form the skeleton of the works and is the means to show heroes’ characteric features. P.Ackroyd presenting intertextual dialogue with the parallel commentary in the development of  events,   ‘settles’ them in certain cultural paradigmas. So the writer makes open the structure of postmodernist novel and opens the way for many interpretaions.


'the death of the author' allusions intertextual dialogue novel peter ackroyd. postmodernism quotation reminiscences

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