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Looking Like Another ?? NEAR ?? or ?? FAR ?? : A Reason to Get a Tattoo in Abidjan (Cote D’ivoire)


Research Identity (RIN)


LJRMB Volume 20, Issue 17, Compilation 1.0




Tattooing is an increasingly popular social phenomenon in the Ivory Coast. It affects women and men, young people and adults, unemployed and workers. The present study, carried out with tattooed and tattooed artists, using an interview guide examines the motivations for the practice, the choice of body locations, social functions and the sense of gaze of the other. As a result, it emerges that resemblance to the other is the main source of motivation of tattooed Abidjanis. As for the choice of the tattooed motif and its physical location, each tattooed person is guided by his taste. Several meanings are given to functions while the gaze of those around them is expressed between mistrust and rejection.

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EHUI Prisca
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