Massage Therapy ‘ A Novel approach to Improve Sleep


Due to health problems and changes in the lifestyle, elderly people wake up a lot during their sleeping cycle. There is loss of skeletal muscle that is frequently reported in aged people. Sleep that is frequently disrupted has shown impaired secretion of hormone such as insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). The muscle strength is compromised due to inflammation. In addition, IGF-1 also influences the muscle mass and its activities. This highlights that the sleep quality is influenced by the state of the muscles and sleep status also affects the muscle functioning. Lot of studies have assessed the effect of muscle conditions (muscle strength, muscle mass) on the sleep quality but till date no research has demonstrated the role of massage therapies in the overall improvement of the sleeping process. A method for falling asleep quickly for productive and quality sleep, using special manual therapy with shaking and bimanual stretching of muscles has been devised. Our novel massage therapy consists of twitching, shaking and stretching of the muscles in order to relax these initiator fibers. Firstly, in this technique we raise the limbs by 20-30 centimeters, and head by 5-6 centimeters. Secondly, the limbs and head are gently dropped so that the limb or head falls in unison with the exhalation. This is carried out until the patient falls asleep. The feeling of falling into bottomless space helps to clear the mind and releases any stress from the body as well as the mind. As this method is repeated at the same time before the person falls asleep, it brings improvement in the sleeping cycle. This review article discusses the older and newer massage therapies that can improve the sleep pattern and sleeping duration among the people affected with insomnia.


Insomnia massage therapy muscles sleep cycle sleep quality stretching.

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