Research of Two Different Types of Modeling on Polymer Membranes

London Journal of Engineering Research
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by mansoor kazemimoghadam , Zahra Amiri
Classification: NA
Keywords: Modeling, Dehydration, Polymer membrane, COMSOL Multiphysics, Artificial Neural Network.
Language: English

In this research, two different types of modeling for the decontamination process of organic compounds using polymer membranes are investigated. In this research, experimental results are analyzed using the neural network algorithm as well as the Composol software.The  reserarcher in this study used a Feed Forward multilayer Perceptron neural network with a back propogation algorithm and Levenberg- Marquardt function with two inputs and two outputs. The output values of Artificial Neural Network modelling were compard with the real values of pervaporation for separation of water from Ethanol and Acetone. The results revealed that the proposed model had a good performance. Moreover, the output of COMSOL software for pervaporation of five different alcohols were compared with the real values, and the error percentage of the actual amount of flux was calculated with the modeling value by means of related membranes. The results of COMSOL modeling showed that the error percentage of 3.049 achieved for dehydration process of Acetone.



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