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Multi Molecule Theory’ with Gravitation as Binding Force between Molecules to Explain Brownian Motion by Dynamic Universe Model


Nanobiotechnology, Multi Molecule Theory, Dynamic Universe Model, Subbarao Simulations, Reynolds number, Singularity-free cosmology, Blue shifted Galaxies, Red shifted Galaxies, Grazing radiation frequency changes, Formation of Elements, Nucleosynthesis.

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LJRS Volume 20, Issue 10, Compilation 1.0




Nanobiotechnology is a wonderful multidisciplinary budding science have its roots in four main branches of science viz, Particle Physics, Nano Biology, and Micro chemistry and Engineering. We are working Nano particle Physics portion which is forming the basis of the Nanobiotechnology. Until today the behaviour of fluid particles in Brownian motion are explained using Single molecule theory. But many questions remain for the last 400 years or so, how this Brownian motion happens? Why collisions happen between the Molecules? How the momentum is generated in the starting place? What are the are the trajectories of individual particles or molecules? The Physics and the calculations behind the force and individual velocities of molecules with relevant theoretical analysis is proposed in this paper. For the Multi Molecule Theory (MMT) Subbarao Simulations (SSMMT) were developed in the last two months. Here we will discuss the basic theory, Excel implementation, simulation results of using, and four the attached Excel files which confirmed the proposition that the Gravitation is the binding force between molecules on different cases. Earlier the concepts of this paper were published as five separate papers, here we present the whole work as a single paper so that referencing will be easy.

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Snp Gupta
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