Performance Analysis of Dispersion Compensation System Schemes at 10gb/s Compare RZ & NRZ Pulse Generators with PIN and APD Photo Detectors Device

London Journal of Research in Computer Science and Technology
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Muthana Yaseen , NA
Classification: B.7.m
Keywords: RZ & NRZ pulse generators, PIN & APD photo detectors, simulation software, EDFA amplifiers, CW laser, loop control.
Language: English

In this paper, the dispersion compensating method is done by comparing two systems designed for high data rates 10 Gb/s, and laser source generated from CW laser at1552nm wavelength. The influence of EDFA power and increase in length of each system of fiber has been studied to evaluate the performance of optical communication systems. The performance characteristics like bit error rate, eye diagrams at the output is studied by simulating different systems. The two system is to comparing pulse generators (RZ &NRZ) and photodiodes types (PIN &APD) in one designed –compensation dispersion system, it is found that the later is superior to the former. Further, it has also been observed that system needs proper matching between the EDFA power and length of the fiber for most favorable show, besides the maximum fiber length in this system reach to 280 Km long.


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