Physical Concepts and Phenomena in the Context of the Kyrgyz Epos “Manas”


In the proposed research article, some physical concepts and phenomena that are reflected in the content of the Kyrgyz epos ƒ??Manasƒ? are described and considered. As it turns out from the episodes of the epic ƒ??Manasƒ? the soldiers always used such weapons as binoculars, cannons, rifles, bows and arrows. Hence, it can be assumed that the Kyrgyz possessed knowledge relevant to the science of physics, and thus skillfully used some form of weapons. Therefore, the content of certain lines of the epic is based on physical concepts and phenomena in terms of optics, amount of motion, force momentum, dynamics laws, physical static, electromagnetic phenomena, heat conduction and other. The content analysis of certain episodes and lines of the epic shows that the Kyrgyz people had the knowledge in measuring the weight, the severity of objects. Consequently, the Kyrgyz had a relationship to trade from the earliest times and were doing deals.


binoculars boiling evaporation. gun mass time weight

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