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Possible Solutions to the Effects of Space Environment on Astronauts’ Physiology


Space environment, microgravity, radiation, astronaut, physiology.

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LJER Volume 20, Issue 5, Compilation 1.0




Space environment causes unique alterations in astronauts' physiology that require the attention of clinicians and scientists. In this review an overview of the proffered solutions was provided to the effects of space environment on astronaut's physiology with special consideration to microgravity and space radiation. Living in microgravity environment impacts significant effects on the body systems such as the: cardiovascular system slows down; immune system changes; musculoskeletal system deteriorates and the sensory motor dysregulate. These systems effects cause disorders in the body of the astronauts' such as decreased bone formation and bone mass, decreased number of T lymphocytes, shift in body fluids, loss of balance and reduced heart rate. Space radiation also affects the circulatory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, immunological and gastro intestinal systems causing disorders such as increase of blood in the upper body, decreased heart rate, bone demineralization, muscle atrophy, immune dysregulation, change in appetite and nausea. Some solutions to the effects of microgravity and space radiation include exercise, use of dietary supplement with calcium and vitamin D and K, Health Stabilization Program (HSP), use of buckles and system straps, use of Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP), simulation of Earth gravity in spacecraft and use of anti-nauseate. In conclusion, building on the awareness about the dangers of the space environment on astronauts (especially those for long-term manned missions) and seeking to better understand the physiological challenges and proffering reviewed solutions to them are documented in this article.

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