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Certificate of Publication

Publishing in Journals Press is an accomplishment. As a part of testimony and career purposes, authors can order official Journals Press certificate of publishing. This certificate will be beneficial in featuring your research work as well as acting as an authentic proof of the fact that the research paper is a pure outcome of your hard work. This certification can also be used at the time of applying in universities or any job. Authors can apply for this certificate at a cost of 40 USD only.

journalspress certificate small compressed


Imprinted with Corporate Seal.
Endorsed and Signed by our regional Dean/President/Chancellor.
"Certificate of Publication" composed in various languages for its global relevance.
Printed on 11x17 inch 300 GSM Glossy Photo Paper.
UV coated and Laminated for long life.
Will be able to ship it within 10 days after receiving order with our conventional red ribbon.
Includes courier (Air Mail/Speed Post) expenses. Further it is also available with DHL/UPS options.

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