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Arab Tourists’ Opinions about Sustainable Arab Tourism in Trabzon and Facilities of Trabzon


Research Identity (RIN)


LJRMB Volume 20, Issue 4, Compilation 1.0




In relevance to the developments of daily life, researchers are more intend to make researches in emerging topics of the social sciences. Tourism is important and marketing of the places became more important recently as economically. Countries which are looking for higher incomes from tourism industry should follow new outputs of the recent studies in the related topic. Destinations are becoming more important than even in the previous times. Regarding to this it seemed to be necessary to find out the potential in the field of this study interestingly in tourism marketing subject. The effect of foreign tourists, who have already visited Trabzon, are searching for tourism mentalarity of Trabzon. The destination image of Trabzon will be revelead in the eyes of foreign tourists mainly who are from Arab countries and the facilities of Trabzon will be released to be well known. The essential suggestions for sustainable Arab tourism of Trabzon will be reached out as output of the interested PhD dissertation. It will be used the survey method as a quantitative research method in the field of social sciences for the related PhD dissertation. It was conducted a survey with 103 foreign tourists who have already visited to Trabzon. It will be used the outcomes of this survey to reach out the destination image of Trabzon regarding to foreign tourists. The image of Trabzon is considerable for the touristic image of Turkey as well. The findings of dissertation will make it enable to compare the geographical regions of Turkey in tourism.

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DR. Yunus Emre Genc
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