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Steps Involving LJP



Research paper (manuscript) submission

The paper submission can be done either directly from the website or by mailing it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The acceptance of terms and conditions and submission of the research paper to the respective journal by the author.

Submit Research Paper

Initial internal checks

Author’s identification is removed to make is suited for the double blind peer reviewing process. Further, the paper is internally checked by our executives team and editorial board, post that it goes for the first plagiarism and copyright check.

Within 7 days

Initiation of review process

With elemental tests run on the paper, the paper now is sent to two peer reviewers. One of the peer reviewer will be from out of corresponding author's country.  The peer reviewers amongst themselves and the ownership of the paper to the peer reviewers both remain incognito.


Copyrights transfer, provisional membership acceptance and fee payment

The Copyrights Transfer of the research paper to the London Journals Press and fee payment by the author is carried out. Additionally, provisional memberships will be confirmed (if authors are not LJP members already). These three jobs are done during the same phase in parallel.
A provisional acceptance while be sent to authors.

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2-3 weeks

Double blind peer review process

In 2-3 weeks time, the decision and conclusion drawn by the two peer reviewers is recieved. What is more, the author can also request fast processing of this phase, by dropping a mail to our Rapid Action Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Post this the Minimum Aptitude Flux analysis is rendered.

2-8 weeks depending on the iterations.

Layout editing

Subsequently, the research paper undergoes second plagiarism check, Proof Reading, Layout Editing and Graphic Control System. If you wish to enable cloud editing, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5 days

JournalPreview™ launch

At this stage, the London Journals Press designs the JournalPreview™ of the paper i.e. the pre-published view of how the published paper would look like. However, if the author feels a need of editing and updating the paper, they can send an update request within 48 hours of JournalPreview™ publishing. Our team runs a last and final language check and proofreading before the end of this phase. The final conclusion is also received from the London Journals Press Board Members.

2-3 week

eJournal launch

The global launch of the research issue follows. The online libraries are updated for this launch in this process. 3D Virtual Journal Interactive PDFs, EPUBs, eBooks, indexable documents and the author managed dynamic live web page articles, LaTeX, PDFs etc are also published.

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2-3 weeks

Hardcopies of journals dispatched

In this phase, journal is printed, hardcopy is prepared and dispatched to the corresponding author. Also, tracking information is sent to author.

Any time

Post Publication

Authors can apply for printed “Certificate of Publication”.

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The organisation is empowered for modifying any step shown above at any moment with/without bringing in the knowledge of authors