Spermatozoa Quality of Ballenger Roosters

London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Ramadhan Sumarmin , NA
Classification: FOR Code: 070799
Keywords: 124 Confed, Balenggek rooster, isolated, sperm quality.
Language: English

The Balenggek rooster is a long Crower fowl. This rooster always caged by single caging to have good long crower sound and it isolated to others.This study was carried out to identify the spermatozoa quality of Balenggek rooster. First, the sperm were collected from isolated caging of Balenggek rooster more or less than three years and un-isolated Balenggek rooster as the control. Second, the sperm were collected from isolated caging of Balenggek rooster more or less than three years and un-isolated Balenggek rooster as the control, after three months treated by 124 ComFed. The spermatozoa collected by massage methods and analyze with counting chamber of Improve Neubauer. Slides of sperm were stained by eosin to count normal and abnormal spermatozo. Parameter observed were spermatozoa number, colors, and sperm consistency. The results shows that the sperm quality of Balenggek rooster increased (from 2.6 billion sperm/ml to 3.8 billion sperm/ml) significantly higher (p <0.05) in isolated caging with rescheduling feeding. The color and consistency of spermatozoa were Increased from + (c quality) to ++ (b quality). It can conclude that single caging could decreased the Balengggek rooster spermatozoa quality. The reschedul feeding rooster with suplement 124 ConFed could increased the spermatozoa quality.


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