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Spiritual Liberation from Gunas to Trigunatita ‘ A Study of the Moral Trajectory of Hamlet and Arjuna as liberated Heroes

The study attempts a comparative analysis of the mental and moral trajectories of the Shakespearean hero, Hamlet and the Pandava prince Arjuna, as heroes who undergo an inner transformation as princely heroes of their kingdoms. The two princes hail from dissimilar milieus but undergo similar moral and ethical conflicts and identical problematic period of dilemma and despondency at a crucial point of their lives .In the end the heroes succeed in surmounting these hurdles in life as a result of their moral enlightenment. The focus is on their earlier disability to surmount the tragic flaws in the characters which is termed as ‘gunas’ in the Indian philosophy and their final victory over them which make the heroes of selfless action.

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Salia Rex
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