Temperature Dependence of Static Dielectric Constant of Lophiralanceolata Echinacea Oil

London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Najoji, Sunday David , Yerima, J. Benson
Classification: NA
Keywords: static dielectric constant, lophiralanceolata oil, temperature, permanent dipole moment, total polarazability, molar refraction.
Language: English

Using parallel plates capacitor (10 cm  10 cm) at the mains frequency (50 Hz), the static dielectric constant of lophiralanceolata oil (LLO) was measured at different temperatures. The results show that the static dielectric constant decreases with increasing temperature according to the Clausius-Mosotti equation for polar dielectrics. From dielectric measurements, some properties of LLO which include total polarazability, permanent dipole moment and molar refraction of the molecule were determined. Our results show that LLO is a polar dielectric which is an important indicator of oil quality. Even though our technique is cheap, simple and agrees with existing theories, there are several sophisticated methods for more accurate measurements.


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