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The Promotion of an Online Magazine with the Help of Digital Marketing


online magazine, online media, digital marketing, promotion in social networks.

Research Identity (RIN)


LJRMB Volume 20, Issue 4, Compilation 1.0


Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)



Despite the fact that the market of print media is gradually disappearing into oblivion, in this segment you can observe the emergence and fairly stable development of coffee magazines, which are popular with fans of coffee culture, as well as professionals engaged in this field. Today on the Russian and world market it is possible to allocate the most known editions: Standart, Coffeine and Coffee and Tea Magazine. The article presents a new product on the market of coffee magazines ƒ?? Caf?? Societe Magazine. The study is aimed at the study of digital marketing channels that use coffee magazines to attract consumers, further development and promotion in the network. The basic concepts and directions of digital marketing are also considered, the types of electronic media are analyzed by examples. A deep analysis of the market of coffee online magazines, recommendations for the promotion of magazines on the Internet.

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Rebrikova Nadezhda V.
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