A Novel Approach using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy based Droop Control Standalone Microgrid in Presences of Multiple Sources


The frequency and voltage control strategy is applied for a Standalone micro grid with high penetration of intermittent renewable generation system. Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy logic Interface system (ANFIS) controller is used for frequency and voltage control for Renewable generation system. Battery energy storage system (BESS) is used to generate nominal system frequency instead of using synchronous generator for frequency control strategy. A synchronous generator is used to maintain the state of charge (SOC) of the BESS but it has limited capacity. For Voltage control strategy, we proposed reactive power/active power (Q/P) droop control to the conventional reactive power controller which provides voltage damping effect. The induced voltage fluctuations are reduced to get nominal output power. Simulation results prove the effectiveness of both frequency and voltage control and the outputs are represented in MATLAB SIMULINK software with ANFIS structure.


adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface system (ANFIS) battery energy storage system (BESS) frequency control Q/P droop control standalone micro grid state of charge (SOC) voltage control. voltage damping effect

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