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How to & Timeline of Publication


Prepare Paper For Submission

London Journals Press follows the guidelines derived COPE (UK).
Authors have the freedom to submit the manuscript without formatting it to our guidelines as our expert team will format it according to international standards. Though, it is important to prepare manuscript that follows certain guidelines to increase its chance of acceptamce.

Track Your
Paper Live

Authors can track their submitted research manuscript at every step of publication process.
You are required to login with your email and password first. If you have fogotton any of then you may also request to find it or reset it.

Guideline & Timeline

Research paper (manuscript) submission

The paper submission can be done either directly from the website or by mailing it to us at [email protected] .
The acceptance of terms and conditions and submission of the research paper to the respective journal by the author.

Within 7 days

Initial internal checks

Author’s identification is removed to make is suited for the double blind peer reviewing process. Further, the paper is internally checked by our executives team and editorial board, post that it goes for the first plagiarism and copyright check.

Within 7 days

Initiation of review process

With elemental tests run on the paper, the paper now is sent to two peer reviewers. One of the peer reviewer will be from out of corresponding author’s country.  The peer reviewers amongst themselves and the ownership of the paper to the peer reviewers both remain incognito.

Copyrights transfer, provisional membership acceptance and fee payment

The Copyrights Transfer of the research paper to the London Journals Press and fee payment by the author is carried out. Additionally, provisional memberships will be confirmed (if authors are not LJP members already). These three jobs are done during the same phase in parallel.
A provisional acceptance while be sent to authors.

2-3 weeks

Double blind peer review process

In 2-3 weeks time, the decision and conclusion drawn by the two peer reviewers is recieved. What is more, the author can also request fast processing of this phase, by dropping a mail to our Rapid Action Team at [email protected]. Post this the Minimum Aptitude Flux analysis is rendered.

5 days

Layout editing

Subsequently, the research paper undergoes second plagiarism check, Proof Reading, Layout Editing and Graphic Control System. If you wish to enable cloud editing, please contact us at [email protected]

Within 7 days

JournalPreview™ launch

At this stage, the London Journals Press designs the JournalPreview™ of the paper i.e. the pre-published view of how the published paper would look like. However, if the author feels a need of editing and updating the paper, they can send an update request within 48 hours of JournalPreview™ publishing. Our team runs a last and final language check and proofreading before the end of this phase. The final conclusion is also received from the London Journals Press Board Members.

10 days

eJournal launch

The global launch of the research issue follows. The online libraries are updated for this launch in this process. 3D Virtual Journal Interactive PDFs, EPUBs, eBooks, indexable documents and the author managed dynamic live web page articles, LaTeX, PDFs etc are also published.

2-3 weeks

Hardcopies of journals dispatched

In this phase, journal is printed, hardcopy is prepared and dispatched to the corresponding author. Also, tracking information is sent to author.

Any time

Post Publication

Authors can apply for printed “Certificate of Publication”.

The organisation is empowered for modifying any step shown above at any moment with/without bringing in the knowledge of authors



Authors are recommended to go through author guidelines thoroughly before submitting the paper. Few of the standards are derived from the COPE.

Authors are requested to ensure the following requirements during submission:

  • Double check the corresponding author’s name and email address.
  • Manuscript submitted must include the title of the paper, abstract and keywords in English.
  • The manuscript must contain all figures with relevant captions and all tables including description and footnotes and clear description of the abbreviations.
  • Complete postal address of the corresponding author must be mentioned.
  • Name, email addresses, universities and countries of all co-authors must be mentioned in the manuscript.
  • Authors must agree to our code of conduct, ethics, privacy policy, terms, and conditions.
  • Author can submit paper using online form or directly email us at [email protected]
  • For any supplement file or copyrighted material permission document, should be attached with the manuscript.


Publication Ethics

  • At London Journals Press we follow the code of conducts, business conducts and ethics sincerely. Our ethical standards are derived from COPE. Authors need to respect these guidelines and present their original research work, which should be carefully drafted from a well-performed research with significant inferences.
  • Authors must provide their research data and must be prepared to make it public even after the years of publication. Genuine acknowledgment of other’s work should always be presented. Adding citations of other’s work is a part of it.
  • In case of finding an error or an inaccuracy author, it is a duty of author to bring publisher in knowledge and send rectifications. London Journals Press support clinical trial transparency. If the research work involves any hazardous experiment, experiments with animal or human subjects then it should be explicitly mentioned in the manuscript.
  • During submission declaration, corresponding and all co-authors must agree that the submitted manuscript has not been presented or published anywhere else.

Declaration of Interests and Conflicts

  • It is required for authors to disclose (if any) all personal, institutional, business oriented and financial relationship or connection with other researchers or organizational bodies that can significantly add biasing to the research inferences.
  • It is required for authors to identify and submit any financial authority supporting research works and submission.
  • London Journals Press work in collaboration with many research labs, institutions, online resources, and universities. Authors can also obtain a funding certificate from London Journals Press to get reimbursements from these research bodies.

Syncing with Guidelines and Norms

Authorship Policies

The corresponding author is required to carefully list all the co-authors before submitting the manuscript. To perform any modifications to this list author can write an email to the editor which will be verified and investigated by the chief editor. Such changes are not possible after the publication of the paper.


On submission of the manuscript, author and co-author are confirming the exclusive copyright license agreement to the London Journals Press, giving the authority to reuse, reproduce or publish research in any format. Authors can always distribute their work with their institution only for their internal non-commercial purposes.

Authors must obtain written permission from London Journals Press for any other use.

Plagarism Policy

London Journals Press follow a strict policy for plagiarism. We follow rigorous procedures on every article submitted using our proprietary neural algorithms along with iThenticate. Authors are solely responsible for any plagiarism found in their paper at any stage. Any content including diagrams, illustration, media, words ideas, results, algorithms, etc. are subject to plagiarism detection.

Manuscript Preparation


Publication Ethics

  • You can directly submit the paper without registering on our website using the following form. You will get an automated email with the details after your submission.  Article tracking information will be sent after assignment of peer reviewers, usually within a week.
  • You can submit your research in any standard format of the research paper.
  • We welcome papers/articles in every standard format. Our professionals will rewrite your paper to journal’s standard format.
  • Acceptable file formats: MS­Word (doc, docx), LaTeX (.tex, .zip or .rar including all of your files), Adobe PDF (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), simple text document (.txt), Open Document Text (.odt), Apple Pages (.pages).
  • We accept research paper, articles, reviewed papers in all the main languages used around the globe like English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Greek. Further, it is recommended that you submit the title of paper and abstract in English as well.


It should be concise and present the key inference of research. Avoid any formulae or abbreviation and should be less than 50 words including spaces.

Author Details

The manuscript must contain corresponding author’s and co-authors’ given name and family name with correct spelling including university and country.


The abstract must be concise, containing the summary and necessary inferences of the research paper. In the era of modern publication standards, abstracts play a significant role in searching a research paper online. Avoid abbreviations and big formulae and graphical content


Extract at least five keywords from the research manuscript that best describes the research work. These keywords will be used for search and indexing purposes. Do not use any mathematical formula in it and avoid plural terms.


  • All graphics submitted must be in vector format (SVG/EPS/WMF/EMF) or high-quality (at least 300 dpi, recommended 600 dpi or 1200 dpi) Image(PNG/TIFF/JPEG).
  • Georgia font must be used in any text used in the graphics. Each illustration must contain a caption or a footnote.
  • At London Journals Press we offer professional illustration services. You can request it by email.
  • All scanned images must comply with the high resolution of at least 350 dpi half tone to 1100 dpi line drawing. Avoid sending the disproportionately large image to fit the content. All graphic content must be of proper aspect ratio.
  • Learn more at :


Authors are required to submit all the footnotes, captions, legends, column headings along with every table. For the tables, longer than one page must be given headings on every following page. For shading in table cells either use gray or #039be5 [HEX color code] for better visibility.

Format of Manuscrtipt

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