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Part A

Interdisciplinary and Diversified

Interdisciplinarity is the inclusion of multiple academic disciplines in a single study or research project. It helps in pooling the knowledge from two or more fields of study to handle better suited problems. The field of science is diversified. With so many environmental conditions, geological conditions, species and genetic engineering creating even more reforms in the genomes. With new mathematical inventions and new chemical researches coming up every day it is an ever evolving and enormously diversified field of research.

Part B

Energy, Environment

The energy and environment science is an integrative domain of research. It is a combination of biological, physical, chemical and information science. Dedicated towards studying environment and answers to environmental problems. The energy science deals with the storage, conversion and alternative solutions for fuel technology.

Part C

Earth Science

London Journal of Research in Sciences-Natural and Formal is an international journal for research papers and articles of various branches of natural and formal science and its further streams. Our primary objective is to provide publication following eminent standards to researchers, scientists, professionals, and scholars.

Part D

Agricultural and Veterinary Science

Agriculture is a major shareholder in a nation’s economy. By the introduction of better seeds, it has given a good rise to the crop production. With the use of genetic engineering and biotechnology there remains a lot of scope in introduction of techniques which can give rise to the industry manifolds while making it environment friendly, organic and more healthy

Part E

Life Sciences, Biotechnology

The Life Sciences deals with the study of living organisms and so it biotechnology, bioinformatics and genetic engineering, all involved with living organisms. Biotechnology is about developing products with the use of organisms. Biotechnology overlaps with biomedical and bioengineering too, depending on the tools and application. Bioinformatics involves the study of biological data with the use and development of tools and softwares, which would assist that. Genetic Engineering involves manipulation in organism’s genome with the use of biotechnology. This science lets the addition of new DNA or removal of gene.

Part F

Chemical Science and Engineering

Chemical Science and Engineering deals with all kinds of natural sciences like biology, physics and geology. Chemical science covers all the aspects of chemistry, which would be metallurgy, astronomy, medicine and many more. It also constitutes physical science, but is different from physics.

Part G

Mathematical Science

Mathematical Science is inclusive of mathematics, statistics, numerical analysis and other fields of science of mathematical in nature. Numerical Analysis is used to study algorithms for the problems in mathematical analysis with the use of numerical approximation. Statistics deals with collection and analysis of data. It’s interpretation, presentation and organization. Decision Theory is involved in calculating the issues relevant to making decisions moreover optimal decisions. The uncertainties and rationalities involved in reaching to an optimal decision.

Part H

Physics, Space Science and Electronics

Physics, Space Science and Electronics are quite much interrelated to each other and are one of the oldest fields of science. Physics deals with how the universe behaves. Astronomy deals with the study of celestial objects, it’s physics, chemistry and their evolution also.

Part I

Earth Science

London Journal of Research in Sciences-Natural and Formal is an international journal for research papers and articles of various branches of natural and formal science and its further streams. Our primary objective is to provide publication following eminent standards to researchers, scientists, professionals, and scholars.

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