Aplica????o Do M??todo De Avalia????o Do Estado De Conserva????o (Maec) Na An??lise De Fachadas Um Estudo Na Vila Mariana


The Vila Mariana subprefecture region comprises a vast mix of architectural styles and social classes, with plastic references that come from different eras, peoples and ethnicities, from this socioeconomic mix result in a wide variety of types of materials applied to the fa??ades. The general objective of the present work is to analyze the current conservation status of the existing fronts in Vila Mariana through the application of the Portuguese method, comparing them with the results of Oricolli (2011) and Melo (2013). For the field research, 228 houses were selected in the Vila Mariana Sub-Municipality, following the works of Oricolli (2011) and Melo (2013), to analyze the materials of facade coatings and the types of sun protection devices of the residences of subprefecture of Vila Mariana. With the results, it can be observed that the facades under analysis are in good condition, except for a few in which certain pathologies and distortions have been observed. Finally, it is revealed the importance of analyzing the levels and states of conservation of real estate to preserve historical and cultural values, considering that cultural heritage can be understood, roughly, as a result of human or natural manifestation that may represent common interest, group, region, country or the world.


Facades. Coatings. Conservation. Vila Mariana. Portuguese Method.

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