Harnessing Students’ Self Efficacy and Journal Keeping in Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum


Writing is an important skill to the development of individual and that of Education. It is a way of presenting one’s thought, idea and experience to the world. The major purpose of writing is for communication. Students also write to keep records of all class activities in all the subjects across the curriculum. Writing is also a means of attesting to the knowledge acquired. As important as this skill is to individual development, many students find it difficult to think critically to generate idea for the content of what they want to write on. This is due to the writing instruction they have been exposed to. In view of this, this research explains how teachers can harness journal writing and self-efficacy in teaching writing. The study revealed that students need to be more logical, organised and coherence in writing. They also need to improve on their intelligence in order to gain competence in writing. This they can achieve through their determination and constant writing. The paper therefore, discussed on harnessing the students’ self-efficacy and journal keeping in teaching writing across the curriculum.


journal keeping self-efficacy writing instruction writing proficiency. writing skill

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