Higher Education Journal ‘Instrument for Publication of Scientific Articles on Higher Education for Teachers and Students of the Cepies and Umsa


The Higher Education Journal has gradually become a valuable instrument that promotes and enables to publish articles and enriches academic and scientific discussions inside and outside the Major University of San Andr??s. In September 2016, it came out for the first time; at present, it has a total of 9 volumes that are published regularly between September and March. In September 2019, our journal has been indexed to Scielo Bolivia (collection of electronic scientific journals in Bolivia) and Latindex (regional online information system for scientific journals in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal). It meant another opportunity to place the publication of our article writers in the international context, who are currently striving to improve the quality for the consideration of avid readers. The purpose of the Higher Education Journal is to promote the discussion and theoretical-methodological development of education in its different dimensions, from the publication of research advances at a national and international level, prioritizing the promotion of national production.

According to the metrics for the evaluation of the articles seen, commented and referenced, day by day our journal is positioned to be a reference of the scientific contribution that the authors make to the knowledge and development of the higher education in Bolivia. Our universe is becoming broader. Currently, authors from Peru, Brazil and Argentina request us to consider their articles in our journal. The quality guarantee is given because the articles pass through various internal and external peer filters until they can be published in a number of the journal. The objective of this publication is to reflectively analyze the journal as one of the opportunities that the academics of the CEPIES and the UMSA have with an indexed journal as this dissemination channel is the Higher Education Journal and to evaluate if at present (3 consecutive years of publication) it has managed to fulfill this opportunity.

The specific objectives of this article are the following:
‘ To analyze the journal reflectively, being this instrument an opportunity to publish the research of the academics of the CEPIES and the UMSA.
‘ To evaluate the preference of the article writers on the research lines proposed in the journal.
‘ Analyze those who write scientific articles within the community of researchers of the CEPIES-UMSA.
‘ To evaluate the behaviour of the internal, external and international peer reviewers who contribute to the evaluation of the journal articles.


dissemination channel for scientific publications Higher education peer reviewers research and development. scientific articles

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