Improvement on the Dyeing and Water of Imbibition Properties of Cotton/Polyester Blend Fabric by Alternative Mercerizing Agents


This research investigated for alternative mercerizing agents that may improve the dyeing properties of cotton/ polyester blend fabric. The water of imbibition property of the mercerized fabric is evaluated. The alternative mercerizing agents employed include liquid NH3, NH4OH, (NH4)2C2O4, CH3CH2OH, CH3COOH, (COOH)2 and NaOH as the control at concentration range of 19-23%. The mercerization is carried out after scouring and bleaching the fabric samples. The percentage exhaustion of indigo dye on the mercerized fabrics displayed values far above average (85.7-75.0%) with 22% (NH4)2C2O4 ranking the highest. The wash fastness is another interesting result where all the mercerizing agents at its optimum gave a gray scale rating for wash fastness of 5 (excellent wash fastness). The water imbibing abilities of the various fabrics mercerized with the agents showed a competing range between 2.2-2.5g. This implies that the alternative agents have modified the structure of fabric. The alternative agents improved the dyeing and water of imbibition properties of the mercerized fabric and competed favorably with the control. Thus these alternative agents are recommended for industrial and commercial purposes as mercerizing agents.


alternative mercerizing agents improvement percentage exhaustion the water of imbibition. wash fastness

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