International Publication’s Philosophy and Trends: The Situation of Knowledge Synthesis in the Arab World Scientific Organizations


The study displays the real situation of the Arab universities and scientific organizations (intermediaries) in synthesizing their own research. There are a lot of international research contributions that have been written by the Arab and non- Arab Scholars. Arab universities should draw their attention to these works by synthesizing them and inundate the Arab policy- makers with policy briefs that may help serve their strategic plans. Those Who work in the different Arab universities should be employed to guarantee research quality and inundate the Arab policy-makers with competing research, appropriate synthesis, and policy briefs which may help a country in what is called knowledge management and  how this kind of knowledge may serve its plans. The paper has collected its data by generating and grounding in observations, developing tentative general conclusions (hypothesis) that may suggest new types of further observations. The paper also touches lightly on some qualitative and quantitative methods of synthesis and provides some background information about the knowledge of synthesis itself. The paper has contributed by enlightening the issue of synthesis as the most important category to be seriously considered when universities or countries are planning for the future. The paper also arrived at that most of the Arab universities have not yet reached to the right path of synthesizing their own scientific research.


international scientific research knowledge management scientific organizations synthesis.

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