Risk Assessment: Harnessing Positive Risks in ICT Systems


Every Organization continually assesses her network ƒ?? data and communication devices of risks, to ensure risks are proactively averted. And in situations where they cannot be avoided, mitigation plans are put in place to ensure very minimal business impact if triggered. This research work is a product of practical investigations of ICT systems with immediate focus on data and communication devices. This unravels direct utilization/application of positive risks and further emphasizes that risks are not entirely negative. It also ensures protection against negative risks and conscious activation and utilization of positive risks. Risk Assessment is every stakeholder`s responsibility and should be carried out as many times as possible. This assists stakeholders to proactively monitor their data and communication devices against invasion and unforeseen vulnerabilities. The general and long standing perception of risks is that risks and their impacts are entirely negative. This further bares salient opportunities (positive Risks) associated with data and communication devices. And examined their inherent dormant features from direct industry and practical application points of view, which could be activated to further enhance their usage and maximize their benefits to organizations and stakeholders. Specific positive risks associated with specific data and communication devices were identified and their applications/utilizations were also discussed The Methodologies used were highlighted and risk assessment data gathering techniques explicitly x-rayed. Strategies for mitigating negative risks and harnessing positive risk were explicitly discussed too. Of course, principal advantages of positive risks are enumerated. Finally showed how positive risks have immensely contributed to changing trend of computing today, contributed immensely to advent, deployment and use of Cloud computing.


cloud computing negative risks(threats) positive risks(opportunities) risk assessment; vulnerabilities virtualization

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