Study of Green Human Resources Management practices in an Organization’


Across the globe, we are moving to industrialization, that increases, business production, technology and other business activities. This was not only increases human convenience, but also increases its standard of living. But on the other side, it also increases ecological hazard that resulted ecological threats to human being. So this is a time Peoples need to use Green practices to save the environment and most important resource of the planet i.e. Human. Greening employees from top to bottom is not an easy task, but pro environmental plan and implementing Green human resource management (GHRM) practices practically has produced a positive result toward the Green environment. The paper focuses upon the GHRM, various Green Human Resource Practices and explains the role of green human resource process in going green. Finally, the paper suggests some social implication of Green human resource practices for green organization.


Green environment. Green HRM Green HRM pratices

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