The ‘Subjectivity Kits’ and the Logic of ‘Human Having’: A Psychosocial View on Consumption by the Advertisement


This essay investigates the consumption thematic within the realm of publicity under a psychosocial perspective, through the concepts of ‘liquid modernity’ (Zygmunt Bauman) and society of control (Gilles Deleuze), unveiling the liquid, plastic, fluid and mutable subjectivity of the consumer in a globalized context of a society where ‘having’ is more valued than ‘being’. The methodology reflects a qualitative study, of an exploratory character, based in theoretical foundation and illustrating the above mentioned concepts through the analysis of an advertisement product. The results show that the logic of consumption operates, in advertisement, by the production of a fluid way of being of the consumer’s subjectivity, a consumer who is avid for authenticity/difference, and by the conception of the consumption’s inclusion as a strategy of psychosocial belonging.


consumption; advertisement; psychosociology; liquid modernity.

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