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A Comparative Study of Two Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms as a Means to Increase Performance in Shared Memory Parallel Computing


load balancing; parallel computing; distributed computing; distributed memory parallel systems and shared memory parallel systems.

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LJRCST Volume 18 Issue 1




The proliferation of multicore computing devices ranging from notebooks, tablets and smart phones has led to a need for load balancing to ensure optimum and full utilization of all the cores. Various algorithms exist for implementing load balancing in these multicore platforms albeit with different performance characteristics. To ensure optimum usage of all the cores, an experimental comparison of the performance of the various algorithms on real world problem domains is necessary to inform on which algorithm to use for each domain of computational problems.

This research focused on two dynamic load balancing algorithms namely, centralized dynamic load balancing algorithm and cyclic load balancing algorithm using matrix multiplication, sorting and searching as the problem domains, with the measured parameters being processing time and processor idle time.

Based on the experiments carried out, centralized dynamic load balancing performed better in matrix multiplication in terms of processing time while cyclic load balancing algorithm performed better for sorting and searching.

From the results obtained, it is recommended to use centralized dynamic load balancing algorithm for mathematical computations while for non-mathematical computations it is recommended to use cyclic load balancing algorithm.

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Frankline Makokha
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