An Overview of Live Detection Techniques to Secure Fingerprint Recognition System from Spoofing Attacks

London Journal of Research in Computer Science and Technology
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Munish Kumar , Dr. Priyanka
Classification: K.6.5
Keywords: FPR, BMR, Spoofing Attacks, live detect.
Language: English

Due to unique characteristics and permanence of fingerprints, Fingerprint Recognition (FPR) Systems has been extensively employed in security, identification, and verification of a person in forensic and commercial applications. External attacks or spoofing attacks are among the main challenges in using FPR systems. Spoofing means to make the system fool by producing fake finger as a real one to the fingerprint sensor. So, there is a need to develop efficient techniques to distinguish between fake and real fingers against these attacks, so that FPR systems can be secured. These types of attacks can be identified by measuring life signs and live detection techniques together with FPR techniques. This paper presents a brief review of work carried out in the field of live detection in FPR systems with various spoofing and anti-spoofing techniques. To make FPR systems more reliable, secure & efficient, it is necessary to detect and protect the system against any unpredictable spoofing attacks.


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