Career Guidance and Youth’s Employability Dynamics in Some Selected Secondary Schools in Douala III, Cameroon


The selection of a career is one of the utmost imperative decisions an individual always makes. It necessitates appropriate guidance from an appropriate person. Effective career guidance addresses issues of instruction, occupational choices, training choices, in-demand skills, career management, economic development and bearing on employment market, available career options and relationship to individual interests and talents as well as sought-after skills by employers. It immensely helps youth to make confident, tailored, informed, and insightful career choices. This paper examined career guidance as an effective instrument to increase young people’s employability in some selected schools in Douala III Sub-Division. The study investigated how career choice assistance, career exploration and career fairs impact employment of young people. The cross sectional survey design was used. A sample of 137 respondents was drawn from two secondary schools in Douala, with the use of the purposive, convenience and simple random sampling techniques. A questionnaire was used for data collection. Inferential statistics were applied for the testing of hypotheses at a 5% level of significance. The findings revealed that; there existed a significant relationship between career choice assistance, career exploration as well as career fairs and young people’s employability. It was thus recommended that the school should regularly organise open door days wherein experienced individuals share career information and real life experiences with learners. Counsellors and career experts should provide adequate career guidance to learners, to enable them make appropriate career choices based on their ability, endowments, aptitude, capability, fitness, interest, etc; and the secondary school curriculum should provide for career guidance. Carer guidance being a lifetime process calls for early initiation in an individual’s life.


career choice assistance career exploration and career fairs. Career guidance employability dynamics young people

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