International Dimension to 2015 Presidential Election: Implications for Nigeria’s Foreign Relations


All presidential elections conducted from 1979 to 2019, except 2015 presidential election had been problematic and marred by electoral irregularities, political violence, and countless litigations. The conduct of election in Nigeria is war and violence pone. However, in contra distinction to past presidential elections in Nigeria which have negative effects on her foreign relations and condemnations by different observers, diplomats and head of states of different nations, 2015 presidential elections, rather attracted positives comments and commendations from different observer’s nations drawn from different parts of the world. The loser of the 2015 presidential election and the then president, Dr. Ebele Jonathan put a telephone call to congratulate the winner of the 2015 presidential poll and incumbent president, General Muhummadu Buhari (Jonathan, 2015:29). This has never been witnessed in the history of the nation’s electoral politics before, to the extent that; it is historic,  significant and a monumental deviation from the nation’s past electoral experiences Therefore, This paper interrogates international dimension to 2015 presidential election and implication for Nigeria’s foreign relations . The methodology adopted in the paper is qualitative method, and content analysis was also used to explained these key variables, secondary sources was also adopted in the study. Hence, the theory adopted participatory democracy and citizenship diplomacy theories as the theoretical framework. The paper therefore, concludes that from the observer reports and comments from former presidents and eminent personalities 2015 presidential election was historic, significant and monumentally deviated from Nigeria’s problematic electoral history. Hence, the paper further recommends a consolidation in the electoral process in the nation’s future presidential elections


2015 presidential election. foreign relations implications international dimension

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