Design, Fabrication and Thermal Distribution Testing of Improved Biogas ‘Injera’ Baking Stove in Ethiopia


In this study one of the components of a wider study which has an overall goal to contribute to the development and dissemination of the clean energy and efficient cook stoves sub-sector in Ethiopia by designing, fabricating and thermal distribution testing of improved biogas stove for ‘Injera’ baking. Accordingly, an improved burner manifold, composite clay baking pan and optimum insulation design and fabrication data are presented. In addition, the thermal distribution throughout the baking pan (local name: ‘Mitad’) was tested with 8.5m3 biogas digester size. The test results obtained showed a better temperature distribution of the improved Injera baking stove in terms of cooking duration and specific fuel consumption than that of the traditional ‘Three stone’, ‘Mirt’ and ‘Gonzie’ Injera baking stove is achieved. The results also showed that the integral biogas improved Injera baking stove can bake on average 20-25 pieces of Injera per hour with a diameter equal to the size of hotel Injera (500mm). The work has significant effect in introduction of alternative injera baking cook stove from renewable energy sources like biogas.


'Injera' baking stove 'Mitad' Fabrication temperature distribution

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