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How Income Level and Caste is Detrimental in Clearing CLAT?


caste, contempo- rary india., education, income

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LJRHSS Volume 21 Issue 2


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CLAT is a national level examination in India and is rigorous to clear in the first attempt. It is not because of its level of difficulty but the way it chooses to attempt the competitive exam. For Post-CLAT, In Avinash Singh Bagri Ors. v. Registrar IIT, the apex court adopted the need to provide additional support in university to students admitted via reservation. The Court wrote, “these socially and economically backward categories are to be taken care of at every stage even in the specialized institutions like IITs. They must take all endeavors by providing additional coaching and bring them at par with general category students”. Therefore, In the Pre and Post CLAT, it is the responsibility of the schools, law schools, government, and trust like IDIA (those who come forward) to immediately create support programs to first get ‘realize their full potential and promote social justice in the long run because no human brain is born to be degraded.

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Pragyanshu Gautam
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