London Journal of Engineering Research

Volume: 20 | Issue: 1 | Compilation: 1

Research Papers in this Journal

CFD Analysis to Study Single Phase Steam Distribution in a Dividing Manifold for Higher Pressures: Effect of Distributor to Reduce Maldistribution
Arijit Ganguli, Mathpati C. S.

Fluid distribution in various geometries like plate heat exchangers spargers fuel cells solar collectors etc is very important for improved...

Simulation of Capillary Transition Zone and Reservoir Wettability Influence on Water Coning in Oil Rim Reservoir
Anietie Ndarake Okon

Oil zones in oil rim reservoirs are mostly in the transition zones the region where relative permeability and capillary pressure are water...

Big Data: A Review
Jadhav Jayshree M.

The growing need in today s era poses a bigchallenge over the management of data which is produced from diverse sectors Not alone this but also...

The Feasibility of Extraction of Silicon from Sand by Metal-Thermite Reduction Process
M.A. Sattar

In this research we have investigated theextraction of silicon from sand by Metal-thermitereduction process The sand was collected fromPadma River...

Volume: 20 | Issue: 1 | Compilation: 1

DOI : 10.17472/LJER

Online ISSN : 2631-8482
Print ISSN : 3432324