London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal

Volume: 19 | Issue: 6 | Compilation: 1

Research Papers in this Journal

A New Model of Human Needs
Igor Kopsov

There are many theories of human motivation At the same time despite the existence of numerous descriptiveconcepts only one model of human needs...

The Impact of Urban Pollution on Children Health

The impact of environmental pollution on public health is currently a major researchchallenge This holds true for air pollution an area where...

Dialectics as a Stage of Thinking Development
M.R. Shagiakhmetov

This article presents dialectics not only as an object of study but also as a methodologythat needs to consider phenomena in their interrelation...

Theory of Divine Origin of State and Good Governance in Nigeria
Ojukwu Uche

God who is the originator of all things had a system of constituted leadership and authority This is what the theory of the divine origin of...

Volume: 19 | Issue: 6 | Compilation: 1

DOI : 10.17472/LJRS

Online ISSN : 2631-8504
Print ISSN : 2631-8490