On the English Translation of Chinese Advertisements from the Perspective of Elegantization and Popularization

London Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Wang Feng , ZHU Yunhui, MA Yan,
Classification: For code:-200302
Keywords: Chinese advertisements; English translation; elegantization; popularization
Language: English

Based on an analysis of their characteristics and functions, the English translation of Chinese advertisements is studied from a new perspective of elegantization and popularization. According to the research, there are three main factors influencing the translation strategy of elegantization and popularization: functional orientation, price positioning, and consumers’ social class. Elegantization is to make the language more beautiful, and the sentence structure more complex. Sometimes, poetic forms and poetic expressions are used. Popularization is to use simple words and simple sentence structures to help target audience better understand the characteristics of goods. In translation practice, translators are supposed to not only thoroughly understand the characteristics of Chinese advertisements, master the intention of advertisements, but also understand the characteristics of the target audience to appropriately translate the original Chinese advertisements, so as to enhance product recognition, and to arouse customers’ interests in buying the products.


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