Performance of a Developed Short Transmission Line Module: A Survey of Load Power-Factor Effects


A short transmission line (STL) module was designed and implemented. There had been a serious need to have such a module in the electrical power laboratory of Auchi Polytechnic in order to satisfy the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) practical coverage requirement, especially as affecting experiments on transmission lines. In this paper a presentation is made of the development of the STL module, namely: how four panel inductors connected in series were used, the unit being capable of 14.89mH, 5.77A, at 50Hz and 27V voltage drop, as realized from ammeter-voltmeter test; how, for module resistance requirement, eight industrial resistors were used (each being capable of 7.98??, 24W) and were connected in parallel to realize an effective resistance of about 1??; and, how a dedicated rheostat of 4.81??, 10A rating was selected for the purpose of line loss variation exercise.


development. line module load power-factor. Performance

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