Preparation and Characterisation of Charcoal Material Derived from Bamboo for the Adsorption of Sulphur Contaminated Water

London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Varinder Kaur , Baljinder Kaur, Karanjeet Kaur, Mandeep Kaur, Supreet Kaur
Classification: FOR Code: 069999
Keywords: bamboo, charcoal, cellulose, lignin, sulhur.
Language: English

Bamboo charcoal has a lot of positive qualities. The highly porous structure of the bamboo charcoal absorbs sulfur-based compounds. Sulfur powder and sulfur dioxide (SO2 ) often floated in air, produced acid rain and algal blooms and cause diseases. Bamboo charcoal has adsorption and filtration properties. In this study, Bamboo charcoal is created by: (a) Pyrolysing bamboo using aluminium foil, (b) in muffle furnace at temperature of 600 ̊C. The obtained charcoal from pyrolysing bamboo in muffle furnace is further purified by solvent-extraction. The resulted charcoal obtained by these two methods is then characterised by XRD and FTIR. In order to figure out the optimal adsorption condition and the intrinsic change of the bamboo charcoal, two chemicals (Sodium sulphate powder and Sodium persulphate) are adsorbed by bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal which contained potassium, calcium and other minerals, could have adsorption and filtration of extractives, oil, and other substances.


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