Psychopath Balram in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger


The White Tiger is the 2008 Man Booker Prize winner novel in which the psychopathic character plays a major role in telling the dramatic tale of his life. Protagonist Balram’s unpredictable journey from the underprivileged to the wealthy tycoon in India is amazing. This is the psychopathic story of murderer and success. The genius memory of psychopath Balram flashes not only to map an excellent text space but more than this regulates Balram’s nerves. His struggle to be wealthy is full of compassion and sympathy. Balram is a blazingly savage, brilliant and psychopathic on his journey. In the new alien world, he experiences a state of mental disorder. That’s why Balram, the narrator of the letter, has the mark of a Psychopath. In the present research, an attempt is made to examine and investigate the dimension of Balram’s psychopathic character. This will give another heading to rising literary examination to analyze character in an alternate psychopathic style.


Character. Mental disorder Nerves Psychopath Savage

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