Reading the Voice: The Dialectics of Violence in Nso Female Oral Poetry

London Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Andrew T. Ngeh , Ngeh Ernestilia Dzekem
Classification: For Code: 190499
Keywords: dialectics, violence, oral and poetry.
Language: English

African oral traditions have contributed enormously in the development of African literary discourse in both manner (form) and matter (substance). This study set out to investigate the role played by Nso oral songs chanted by women as an instrument in the interpretation of historical and contemporary society that is mostly characterized by technological innovation, globalization and modernism with their attendant scientific discoveries. The thrust of the argument of this study is built around the premise that the Nso language and culture transported from one generation to the other are rich in oral literature. This rich culture that exists mostly in the oral form is endangered and threatened partly by the fact that many believe that only written forms are worth the attention of literary scholars.


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