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Students’ Attitudes and Perceptions Toward the Effectiveness of Mobile Learning in Omdurman Islamic University

Over the previous couple of decades information and communication technologies have improved greatly and therefore the use of computers has become more widespread. The evolution of handheld portable devices and wireless technologies has resulted in radical changes within the social and economic lifestyles of recent people The study aim to assess Omdurman Islamic university students regard their perception, attitude regard using mobile learning in online learning and assess its efficacy. and measuring the relationship between their perception, attitude and demographic data regard using mobile in online learning

Methods: This cross-sectional study was designed as a descriptive study to assess perception Study population: all ranks of students first, second, third and fourth classes Sample size 100 using simple random sampling technique Results show that ,students has good perception regard using mobile in online learning and mobile learning are getting to be more flexible method of learning40%(=40),because it is often done anytime anywhere. while 38% (N=38) of 2 respondents strongly agree that the mobile learning will improve communication between student and teacher Also the study show that limiting factors regarding mobile learning were considered and the respondents were asked as to what can be the reasons because of which
mobile learning cannot be used for learning, 50% of the respondents strongly feel that unavailability of appropriate mobile phones with a large no. of students is one of the major reasons From the results appeared that no relation between demographic data and perception and attitude p value. In our university From study appeared that there is no relation
between demographic data and their perception regard age , Student rank, Family
income .769, 906, .221,and regard relation between supcequancy
Conclusion: m technologies are perceived as an effective tool in improving communication and learning. In our university.
From study appeared that there is no relation between demographic data and their perception and attitude

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Dr. Manal Bilal
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