The Knowledge Tradition of Ancient India

London Journal of Engineering Research
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Divya Jyothi Rao , Dr Deepa K K, Member,
Classification: For Code: 091599
Keywords: Indian Knowledge, Caraka, Tradition
Language: English

The Knowledge Tradition of ancient India is a very unique and well-developed system. It teaches to understand every object from macro to micro level. The objects to be known are Pādārtha Vijñāna-Natural Philosophy, Mano Vijñāna- Psychology, Ātma Vijñāna- Science of the knowledge or soul and Tatva Vijñāna-Science of the knowledge of elements. Pramāṇa Vijñāna- Epistemology is used to examine and to know regarding all the above- mentioned objects. The knowledge of all these is required to achieve the Purushartha (four aims of life)- Dharma (righteous path), Artha (wealth), Kāṃa (desires) and Moksha(liberty). There are specific features mentioned for a science which is to be learnt, teacher and student. The whole paper details regarding the subjects and objects of the knowledge tradition of ancient India.

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