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The Mentality of the People: Theoretical and Methodological Aspect

Mentality is one of the most significant of each nation, and the authors prove it in their article. There is no agreement among scientists about the matter of essence, nature and character. Different researches look in different ways at the problem of the national character and its cultural-historic importance. Every person is a part of a class, churchƒ??s community, ethnos, state and some other community. The realization that different nations differ from each other with ƒ??its traits of a soulƒ?, happens in a cultural history fairly early and itƒ??s due to archetypal dichot-omy ƒ??friend-or-foeƒ?. Mentality is a dominant constant of a national existence. A national character can be defined not through the qualities and traits of individu-al, but through the qualities and traits of a whole ethnical community. And today, against a background of globalization integration processes itƒ??s especially im-portant to point out this fact.

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Evgeniya Vladimirovna Kuznetsova
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