Cancer is a genetic or immunological or genetically mediated immunological disorder or immunologically mediated genetic disorder

London Journal of Research in Science: Natural and Formal
Volume | Issue | Compilation
Authored by Shrihari T.G , NA
Classification: NA
Keywords: NF-KB,STAT-3,IL-1,IL-6,P53
Language: English

Cancer is a major threat to mankind.Majority of cancer more than 90% of all cancers are due to external environmental factors such as tobacco,alcohol,infectious agents(HPV,EBV),dietary factors,chemical ingestion(Benzele,silica,carbon monoxide,arsenic)leads to various types of cancers such as oral camcer,leukemia,lung cancer,gastric cancer, Breast cancer,colo rectal cancer,lymphomas,oropharyngeal cancer,oesophageal cancer.25% of all cancers due to chronic inflammation or infection.Chronic inflammation is considered as a seventh hallmark of cancer.Chronic inflammatory mrdiators such as cytokines,chemokines,growth factors,proteolytic enzymes are released from inflammatory cells such as neutrophils,macrophages,mast cells,dendritic cells,natural killer cells,T and B lymphocytes.IL-1β,TNF-α,COX-2 inflammatory mediators activate NF-KB a key transcription factor, TNF-α activate AP-1 transcription factor,EGF,FGF,IL-6,IL-10,PDGF activate STAT3 transcription factor.Both NF-KB and STAT- 3 transcription factors work together involved in cell proliferation by activation of cell cycle regulatory proteins such as cyclin D,E,cell survival by activation of BCL-2,BCL-XL anti apoptotic proteins,angiogenesis by IL-8,COX-2,VEGF,immune modulation by IL-10,TGF- β,iNOS,IDO,genomic instability by(ROS,RNS,AID,NO)invasion and metastasis by UPA(uro kinase plasminogen activator),MMP’S-2,9 involved in tumor progression(1-7).


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